Anyone who buys a DVD can receive our free Screening Kit. Hold a house party, discuss the film, take actions (especially registering people to vote) and support our democracy. Let us know when you order.

Our Corporate Screening Kit.

Thank you so much for helping us spread the word about Thomas Paine's vision for America and our film.  Please click on the ADD TO CART button below, fill out and submit the form along with your payment to us. You will receive your Screening and Publicity Kits as well as your DVDs and CDs promptly in the mail.  It is as simple as that! And we hope that you and your colleagues are as inspired by this story as we are and that they will, in turn, spread the word even further.

The mind once enlightened cannot again become dark.--Thomas Paine

We will send you:

  •  Five full-length DVDs  of the production, each with two Special Features, and five CDs of the audio recording.
  • An online screening kit (view here) that includes
    • Programs ideas
    • Paine talking points and timeline
    • Authentic colonial recipes
    • Suggested readings contemporary to Paine's time and our own.
    • Action plan to implement after the screening
  • An online publicity kit (view here) that includes
    • Customizable flier and press release to promote the screenings
    • Twitter and Facebook banners
    • Photos from the production

Total Cost:  – $500

 This includes 5 DVDs and 5 CDs (a $125 value), a license for unlimited screenings of the film  for your organization and a $5 shipping and handling fee.

These licensing fees will go to: 

          1.  Support the distribution of the film in America and worldwide.

          2. Support the development of a major Paine research website that will be available free to educators and the public.

          3. Produce a DVD with sub-titles, initially in Spanish, other languages to follow.

Add To Cart

To pay by check please click the PAY BY CHECK button below, fill out the form and submit it, then make out your check for $500.00  to The Life of Thomas Paine Productions and mail it to: 3704 Kelton Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90034. Once we receive your order and check we will email you the Screening and Publicity Kits and mail you the DVDs and CDs.  Let us know if you need an invoice or receipt.